Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Amazing Rain forest, Heart of Sri Lanka's ecosystem is in Grave Danger

“Samanala Adaviya” (Adam’s Peak Sanctuary, I personally don’t like that name) is in a grave danger.  "Sripada sanctuary" is the heart of the Sri Lanka’s ecosystem. It is the birthplace for the four main rivers in our country. It has very sensitive ecosystem and vast biodiversity. Although it is a sacred place for the all religious in Sri Lanka. One of a greedy  Doctor is operating a mini hydro power plant inside the forest. They might say that the  power plant was built to overcome power crisis of Sri Lanka. But people nearby there are still in dark. Why people are so greedy? Why they can't see the value of  the nature around there? Are they meant to live forever? Massive destruction to the soil was done and so many trees have cut down to build the power plant. It's hard to explain the pain we had in our hearts to see that disaster. 

It was a rainy season when we visit this area  to explore the "Seven falls" in "Samanala Adaviya". Waterfalls are in its full scale.
On Saturday morning, we started our journey from Deraniyagala town. Even it was a rainy season we were lucky not to have rain on the first day. We rode from Deraniyagala to Udamaliboda by bikes. Up to Udamaliboda, the road condition was fine. But after that the road was terrible. We parked our bikes in a house nearby at the entrance to the power plant. We were amazed with the sight of the first waterfall.  

I'm not going to explain the value of this world heritage rainforest. Just see the pictures. They will worth than thousand words.
First sight of our destination at "Nakkavita".

First and scond waterfalls (number seven and six from the top)

 Sixth Fall. 
Need to cross the river to see the hole waterfall. But we did not risk our lives due to high water level. Rocks were very slippery. 

 Zeuxine regia, Iru-Raja is valuable herbal plant and also an endemic orchid species. Using for snake bites.

 Sri Lankan Blossom Krait, Balanophis ceylonensis, Mal Karawala, Nihaluwa, Endemic to Sri Lanka.

This one was so beautiful. 
 Hump-snout Lizard, Lyriocephalus scutatus LinneGata-hombu Katussa, Endemic to Sri Lanka.

The Green Vine Snake (Ahetullaa nasutus) , Ehatulla

 Sri Lankan Rock Frog (Nannophrys ceylonensis ), Lanka Galpara Madiya. Endemic to Sri Lanka

 Orchidaseae Anoectochilus setaceus, "Vanaraja" is very valuable herbal plant.
This is the first time I saw "vanaraja" Flower.

Following images were downloaded from "Elihatha Surakimu" Facebook Page. Thanks To Rohan Chathuranga Senaratha (From Deraniyagala Wildlife  Conservation Center) for the images and Guide us to the "Elihath".

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